Monday, December 29, 2008

Eye Safety!

As many of you know babies have extremely sharp little finger nails! Our little E is no exception and has demonstrated that fact on more than one occasion.

This past Friday we were playing with her new doll house and the next thing I know, I was calling my eye doctor for an emergency exam. Elise had tripped and poked me right in the same eye she had scratched a few weeks prior. Only this time it was not just a scratch, it was a large tear! After a few days of wearing a protective contact, and a few drops of what I liken to an epidural for the eye, I am on the mend!

Lesson learned. I wanted to pass it on in hopes that others may avoid the same fate. Keep those little nails short and trim, and lookout!
For information on Corneal Abrasion, check out WebMD.
For information on Trimming baby's nails, check out this article at babycenter.
I have to say a big Thank You to my fabulous eye doctors, you both made the process as painless as possible.


  1. Oh April,bless your heart! Your mom's been keeping me updated on your eye ordeal. So glad you're better.
    Love, hugs, & kisses,
    Auntie Carol

  2. You are very brave putting your picture out for the whole world to see you in this condition. Ha
    I know it was not fun this past week. Hang in there and watch your eyes like a hawk!


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