Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July 2009

My fellow mommies!

In light of the recent economy, and the fact that work vacation days are quickly dwindling; our little family is embracing the staycation. First step is to pick the destination. In our case we have chosen more of a theme. The month of July will be spent at the sea. Above are a few inspiration photos from our last real vacation to the Caribbean. This month I will be posting on our staycation, as well as products, and pretty things that evoke the sea.

Where is your vacation or staycation taking you this summer? I would love to hear all about your fantastic destinations and ideas. Bon voyage!

All best,



  1. awesome pics! I love the one of the hammock.

  2. Wonderful idea, Can't wait to see what you will be planning. Elise will have a blast. I am sure she will have lots of stories to share!


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