Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exploring Sea Life Recap

Off we go to Galveston Island!

Welcome to Moody Gardens Aquarium

This was our first trip to the aquarium with E. She was amazed and apprehensive, but overall seemed to really enjoy it. Follow us on our tour...

E looking up at a replica of a shark. Her eyes were as big as saucers!

Checking out the fish with daddy. She did not really want to be too close to the glass at first, but warmed up to it after seeing a few friendly looking fish. A rather large fish came up to the glass while E's back was turned. When she turned around it was there and it frightened her, but not enough to stop her from going back for more fish watching.

Here we are under another shark replica, E did NOT like this one at all. I don't blame her, he is one ugly shark!

Daddy and E looking for Penguins. This exhibit was great. The Penguins were so playful and would swim up to the glass under water and jump out. E really liked this, I think it was her favorite part of our day.

The Megalodon shark mouth! So freaky, but E loved it. She growled when she saw the big teeth!

Under the "sea", well in the tunnel under the giant tank. We saw three sharks, a huge sea turtle and a ton of other fish both small and large. It was fantastic being under the water, up close and personal with all of these fascinating creatures.

My favorite moment was watching E explore the aquarium.


The shark kind of scared E.

Some blurry fish.

Leaving the aquarium.

Historic Galveston

The Seawall

E did not like the sand at all. She said it was gross and hot!

She really did not like the sand in her shoes, especially when it got between her toes! When we got back to the car she took a baby wipe and was cleaning between her toes to get the sand out... too funny!

Bye Bye Galveston! We had a great time.

P.S. This was the first time back to Galveston since hurricane Ike paid us a visit. The place has really seen it's better days, but you can tell people are really trying to get things back to "normal".


  1. Thanks for sharing your fun day at Galveston. E looks so grown up & sweet!

    Auntie Carol

  2. I loved seeing all the pictures. It looks like you had a great time!! Historic Galveston is beautiful!

  3. Thanks for sharing! The pictures of her are so cute!!

  4. OH MY She is so big! \looks like you all had a great time/ \i miss you all so\can't wait to see you all. \love mooms tell my baby \i miss her and will see her soon/


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