Monday, July 13, 2009

Mommy Monday: Super Vegetable Mix

Since E started eating veggies, she has loved the Farmhouse Country Vegetables from Healthy Times Baby Food. This vegetable mix of Organic Carrots, Organic Sweet Peas, and Organic Zucchini, has never ever failed. No matter if I serve it straight up in a bowl with a spoon, as a dip, mixed in the mac and cheese, or in her grilled cheese, she eats it up. She is past the baby food stage, but we still buy this one when we can find it at the grocery store. Now I know that I can blend all the above ingredients together and save some money on this favorite food. But it is in such a nice neat easy jar, I can't resist! Especially with a hectic work week, convenience is key. Happy cooking!


  1. Awesome! I wonder if WalMart or Target would carry it??

  2. We buy this at HEB, but you can buy it online cheaper and in bulk. Check out their website for more information. All of their products are great!


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