Sunday, November 8, 2009

Grocery Cart Racing

I am thankful for grocery shopping with our sweet baby girl. When do you have another chance to drive a grocery cart, made into a racing car, and not have strange looks! E has always wanted to "drive" one of the race car grocery carts, but I was not too thrilled about abandoning the trusty cart cover for a germ loaded race cart. Tonight was her night! She really wanted to drive it and after a quick wipe down with the kleenhanz, we were off to the races. Sunday night is always packed to the brim, as many other working parents are all out trying to get that last minute shopping in before the crazy work week starts. The race cart was so incredibly awkward to maneuver and did not hold a lot of groceries, but we made it. E turned the steering wheel like she was in control, it was too cute. Thanks E for a fun filled shopping adventure!


  1. How fun! It's hard not worrying about all the germs!

  2. My grandson, Titus, had been waiting weeks for a chance to drive the special race car shopping cart at their favorite grocery store in North Carolina, before it was finally available (a small Trader Joe's with only one special car)! His patience finally paid off - he loved it.


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